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Before you ignore Vitamin D

Before you ignore Vitamin D and consider its use to be just a fad for health freaks, you might want to consider the following:  

  • Endocrinologist Dr. Michael Holick, a leading vitamin D expert, states that "the body more effectively utilizes vitamin D when it’s naturally synthesized from sunlight," but use of supplemental of vitamin D is still may be beneficial, as it influences not just bone health but as a hormonal support, it also plays an important role in immune function, cell growth, and inflammation control.

  • Afraid of breaking bones? “Without enough Vitamin D, the body can only absorb 10–15 percent of calcium, Dr. Alex Foxman, a leading internist and preventive care specialist. Insufficient calcium can result in weaker bones and heightened fracture risks.

  • Autoimmune disorders of concern? (Dr. Holick again) “Vitamin D receptors are in almost every cell, including immune cells.” Proper levels are vital for a balanced immune response and preventing autoimmune disorders.

  • Cancer concerns? Brio Medical, an integrative cancer treatment center in Scottsdale, Arizona, stresses vitamin D’s essential role in immune functionality and its influence on chronic diseases, like cancer. (Recent research, including melanoma studies, indicates that vitamin D supplementation can enhance treatment responses and prolong survival in cancer patients.)

  • Heart disease in your family? Studies have linked low vitamin D levels to an elevated risk of heart disease. Those deficient in vitamin D are more likely to experience hypertension, heart failure, and stroke.

  • Suffer from the "Winter blues?" Kimberly Parker, a licensed psychotherapist: “There’s a clear link between low levels of vitamin D and higher incidences of depression and mood disorders ”It also affects seasonal affective disorder."

So, before we dismiss use of supplemental Vitamin D as without consequence, it would be wise to check with our medical care provider to see if 

1.) We are deficient in this interesting and multifaceted vitamin, and 

2.) Use of this vitamin might be of benefit.

Note: The quotes of physicians  listed above are from an original article written  by Ms. Sheramy Tsai on 20 March, 2024 and published in the Epoch Times

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