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FDA Recall of Rizo-Lopez Cheeses

(Bacterial contamination) by Listeria.

Company:  Rizo-Lopez 

26 cases of bacterial infection, including 23 hospitalizations and two deaths 

Outbreak began: early February.

States with cases: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina, Oregon, Tennessee, Texas, and Washington, the CDC says.

The types of cheeses: blanco suave, cotija, oaxaca, panela, queso crema, queso fresco, queso para freir, queso seco, requeson, and ricotta, the agency says.  

United States brand names include: Bright Farms, Campesino, Casa Cardenas, Dole, Don Francisco, Don Pancho, Dos Ranchitos, El Huache, Food City, Fresh & Ready Foods, Fresh Express, H-E-B, Jack & Olive, La Ordena, Marketside, Maverick Foods, President’s Choice, Ready Pac Bistro, Rio Grande, Rizo Bros, Rojos, San Carlos, Santa Maria, Sprig & Sprout (S&S), The Perfect Bite Co., Tio Francisco, Trader Joe’s, and 365 Whole Foods Market.

Recommendation by CDC: Do not eat any of this cheese.

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