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Fungus among us

Candida auris  resistant to many anti-fungal drugs.

CDC-provided photo of a petri dish culture showing Candida auris, a drug resistant, deadly fungus. (The Canadian Press/Shawn Lockhart-CDC via AP)

For the first time in the history of  Washington state the presence of Candida auris, a highly contagious, deadly fungal infection has been confirmed. 

Since 2009 this fungal infection has been identified in 17 states, and it continues to spread. (From the time our borders were opened to all comers until two years later 2021 the number of cases has trip

led, according to the CDC.)

As general public health practices in infection prevention and control management have deteriorated across California, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and other states where drugs have been legalized and the associated homeless and immigrant populations have exploded, high-fatality diseases once under varying degrees of control (such as TB, meningitis, and measles) are now reappearing. 

Sadly, there is predictably much more to come, including the very deadly EBola. An excellent article published in June, 2023 provides an international review of infectious diseases from around the world  can be found associated with this link: Global Infectious Diseases in June 2023: Monthly Analysis – ScienceOpen.Global Infectious Diseases in June 2023: Monthly Analysis – ScienceOpen.





Clifford Brown, OD, MPH, FAAO(D)


Director of Public Health

Custer County


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