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 FDA/CDC (news/recalls/threats)


Emergency planning/preparedness/hazard mitigation

Pediatric health

Adult health

Vaccinations/national and international travel planning

Additional list of services and future services:

1. Hearing and vision screenings for the school  (no cost)      

2. Sports physicals for the school (until the local physician wanted to charge for his services)              

3. Defibrillator/AED, mask fitting/care/use, PALS, BLS/CPR, ATLS, CLC, Basic Infant Assessment, and Opioid overdose test kit trainings for the valley    

4. Car seat fittings for children and car seat provision

5. Breastfeeding instruction classes  

6. Advanced Maternal  Mental Health

7. Birthing class

8. Senior Center Blood Pressure

9. Senior Center and VALLI Influenza/Covid Vaccinations

10. All routine vaccinations/consultations - Birth thru Seniors

11. Substance Abuse counseling

12. Community transportation and wheelchair support

13. Sanitation and Food Service education

14. Animal bites and lab reporting/monitoring

15. Environmental and communicable disease education

16. Community Health Fair (previously 9 Health Fair)

17. International Travel Requirements

18. Waste Water Consultation

19. Food Service consultation

20. Air Quality Monitoring

21. MRC coordination/planning

22. Community Flu Clinics

23.Governor-selected boards/commissions: Opioid Governance Council; Colorado Child Abuse Protection

24. Lead control

25. Asbestos control program

26. Mental/Behavioral Health

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