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Update Concerning  Custer County's COVID-19 Vaccination Availability Policy

Long term COVID is currently the most common problem affecting those who are infected by one of the COVID-19 virus variants.

Even back as far as December, 2022 a study published in PLoS (PLoS One), researchers found that the following conditions lead to an increase in likelihood of suffering from the long term COVID illness:

  1. Pre-existing medical conditions,

  2. A highly and severe symptomatic COVID-19 illness, or

  3. If they had two or more doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

Since the available vaccines have been demonstrated not to protect the recipient  from contracting or transmitting COVID-19  to others, those county residents who request  vaccination are advised of the most recent research findings (both pros and cons), to review the many CDC statements, and advised to consult with their medical providers.  Those who then choose to receive them are given the most recent formulation of the vaccination. 

Note: Since the ending of the proclaimed pandemic both the CDC Director and Fauci, MD  have admitted  to issuing misleading pronouncements. Although these statements were supposedly made under the claim that the public had to be "protected," the end result was that of increasing public confusion, skepticism, and "vaccine hesitancy." As a compliant public we followed the rules and mandated rules. It will be a long time before trust and compliance will be afforded again.

A recent review of  educational offerings by the CCPHA includes:

  1. Several offerings of  the BLS/CPR courses for certification have been 

      completed for valley groups/residents.


   2. An educational promotion to the High School Junior Class of available careers             in health care was provided by the PHA's Chief Nurse and Director on 26 Feb.

   3. The AED instructional course presented to both our county's recycling and                    landfill department and airport staff.  Our financial support and initial training ,          as directed by our commissioners, is now completed. Expansion of the                            distribution of the AED's to our Sheriff's Department and annual                                      refresher courses are planned.

   4.  Two new mother (and mothers -to-be) courses have been given by the PHA                   maternal and infant nurse. Due to the success of these and other educational                 offerings for new mothers, further such offerings are planned.


Looking ahead to upcoming PHA activities:

  1. A Child Development class will be offered to Custer County mothers to acquaint           them with the various stages of development of their children. Nutritional and 

       child care instruction was also given.

  2. In the planning stages is a CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course geared to         the sophomore class students.

  3.  Child and Adolescent Art classes will be offered as supports for social/emotional 

        health as  soon as weather conditions permit.

Any and all who are interested in such support or in involvement in these  events may contact the CCPHA at 719.783.3369. Courses and other assistance are generally provided at no or low cost.

Other questions? Please contact the PHA: 719.783.3369.



Clifford Brown, OD, MPH, FAAO(D)


Director of Public Health

Custer County


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